About Gail Glikmann

I have been an artist and sculptor all of my life. The sculptures on this website, are in many ways a retrospective of my life’s work. I began with classical pieces, and it has taken me all this time to break free of my traditional upbringing to arrive where I am today. My art reflects that journey.

In the last 5 years, I have become fascinated with things that I have found in junk yards. As a result, my latest work has includes mosaics and various found objects, metals, e-waste, etc. Often the found objects are the inspiration for a new piece, but I never stray too far from the human form, because that’s what excites me.

Gail Glikmann is a figurative sculptor who has lived and worked in Los Angeles her entire life. She has had a talent and passion for sculpture since she was 15 years old. In 1961 at 16, she received a scholarship to the Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles. When she entered C-SUN in 1962, there was no sculpture department. They created a three-dimensional art department to accommodate her.

Upon graduation she got married and turned her attention to raising a family. During that time, she never stopped making sculpture, although she did not pursue a career in the arts. When her children were older, she began to teach. She taught sculpture at The American Jewish University from 1995-2010. From time to time she exhibited at galleries such as the James Grey at Bergamont, or the Galeria Gitana in the San Fernando Valley. Always a philanthropist, she has donated various pieces to Beit T’Shuvah, The Jewish Home for the Aged commissioned five pieces of hers for their gardens, and she created sculptures for the blind at the Skirball.

Now, at age 70, with a house full of phenomenal sculptures in all different mediums, she has decided to make a serious entrance into the Los Angeles art world for the first time. She was immediately accepted into the Los Angeles Art Association (LAAA) in January of 2016, and was a featured artist in 2018. In the last two years she has also been accepted as a member of the Jewish Artists Initiative (JAI), the International Society of Mosaic Artists and the Southern California Women’s Caucus for the Arts (SCWCA) and the Collage Artists of America.

Gail Glikmann and her work have been featured in Artsy Shark and several online publications including VoyageLA, Les Femmes Folles and several issues of the online art catalogue Apero.

Four of Glikmann’s sculptures were featured in the Netflix hit show “Grace and Frankie” in 2018.

In these few years her work has been featured in group shows all over Southern California, including Tagg Gallery in LA, Gallery 825 on La Cienega in LA and the Fe Gallery in Sacramento, and the Palm Springs Art Museum.

• The Tagg Gallery's LA Open

• Newport Beach Art Show - 2018 Best in Class

• Newport Beach Art Show 2017 - Best in Show

San Fernando Valley Arts and Cultural Center - The Art of Creative Aging - Best in Show

Gail Glikmann Bio

Gail Glikmann is a member of the

Los Angeles Art Association

Artist Statement

The creatures that come to life in my studio always surprise me. I sometimes think that it has taken me my whole life to become loose enough to set my imagination free. The work hovers between the ancient mythological and the futuristic. Almost as if depicting a civilization remaking itself from the found fragments of an Industrial Age, combining with unrelated strands of legends and myths from an even further past. How does the human race create or recreate itself? Who are these beings that are so like and yet unlike us? I don't know what direction my work will go, in the future, but I will always continue my love affair of the human form.

First Place and Honorable mention in the Carlsbad 68th Open Juried Fine Arts Awards Show. Summer 2019

First Place and Honorable mention in the Art of Creative Aging Exhibit at the SVACC, August 2019